What’s on Your Table (Again)?

Now accepting submissions.

Last year, we asked you to share what was on your holiday table, and you didn’t just send us delicious recipes, you also shared your stories. Stories we are so grateful for here at Inkstick. So this holiday season, we’re calling on you again.

We care deeply about your holiday menu, not simply because we love to eat (and, we do) but also because what we serve has a story of its own. Menus are constantly evolving, but are almost always created with love and rooted in history. Last year we pointed out how our collective palette — and grocery store selection — has expanded with “ethnic” foods. But when does an ingredient stop being “ethnic” and just something one uses to season their meals?

At Inkstick, we want to continue these conversations around food, how and why we label certain foods, and what these labels mean to you and your family, friends, and community. But there’s also one small catch. Your submission must contain a recipe. After all, we need to figure out what we’re cooking, too.

Please send submissions to skhan@inkstickmedia.com by 5 p.m. ET on Nov. 11, 2021, with the subject “What’s On your Table? series.” Submissions should be between 900–2000 words. Further guidelines are here.