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At Inkstick — military slang for a plain, black pen — we believe the pen is mighty, but the person behind it is mightiest.

We like foreign policy, but we’d rather skip the stuffy back room and talk about it over a beer. We’re tired of jargony acronyms and contrived technicalities. And we can’t help feeling like most of today’s national security and foreign policy outlets are written by and for the same set of voices in the same boring tone.

Inkstick is foreign policy for the rest of us.

Put simply: It breaks down the news you want and need to know without droning on. When it matters, it also dives deeper to show you the people behind the policy and the stories they have to tell.

Inkstick isn’t afraid to laugh, cry, or suggest an alternative to that Aleppo pepper in your favorite dish — and when we do grab that beer, we’ll be dying for you to ask us about our kids, or our favorite band, or just about anything that shows us you’re a living breathing person just like us.

It’s okay, we’ll find our way back to the issues eventually. We just don’t feel the need to be tough.

After all, we already have the big guns.