Inkstick reaches beyond the policy bubble to deliver relatable human stories alongside hard-hitting news and analysis. In doing so, it aims to explore the intersection of national security and more proximate human needs. We publish contributions from across the political and ideological spectrum in the formats detailed below:

Articles: Brief, conversational analysis. ~500 words. Don’t shy away from the facts. Our readers aren’t dim or uninformed, they just don’t want to read your droning wonkery. Humor, pop culture references, and snark are encouraged. Cursing is allowed. Flagrant use of acronyms and policy jargon need not apply. Find another way to say JCPOA.

Essays: Tell us a story. Length isn’t an issue, pictures are nice, proximity (ie: relatability) is key. Whenever possible, we like a side of hope with our horror, but if it doesn’t exist, don’t stretch the truth.

Interviews: Inkstick is interested in conducting interviews with diverse foreign policy innovators and folks with good stories to tell. Someone we should know? Drop us a line. We’ll take a picture of their pretty face.

Send your pitch or piece to, and we’ll be in touch.