Season Three of Things That Go Boom: The Wrong Apocalypse

Coming May 18!

We’re baaaack.

Things That Go Boom — your friendly, neighborhood, national security podcast — is back for season three. And we’re going to talk about what the hell is happening to our world…

And what it means for our future.

Could the rise of China and Russia spell the end of the US as the dominant world power? Are we on an irreversible path toward military confrontation? Are we prepared for life in a multilateral world?

Military spending is growing, and the Pentagon says it’s in service of something called “great power competition” — but are the biggest threats to US power military? Or, something else.

This next season of Things That Go Boom will explore how our national security has refocused on threats that require traditional military might — things like carriers and fighter jets — at a time when some of the biggest threats to our security are silent, agile, economic, and even viral. We’ll ask if our main adversaries — Russia and China — are really a threat, and we’ll examine just how strong, or weak, a position the US holds in this new geopolitical reality.

Tune in to The Wrong Apocalypse on May 18! And, in the meantime, check out our trailer right here: