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Announcing the Winners of Inkstick’s Short Story Competition

We asked for stories to break through our nuclear apathy. These writers delivered.

Words: Inkstick Editorial Team
Pictures: Ella Pellegrini

A few weeks ago, we launched Inkstick’s first-ever short story competition. We invited you to break through our nuclear apathy. We wanted you to make us worry about nuclear weapons again in a time when fear of nuclear catastrophe feels distant and dated.

And, wow, did you deliver.

We received many, many excellent submissions. Thank you to everyone who submitted a story — we are all now terrified. Well done. While we would love to award everyone, we could only pick three.

Drumroll, please.

“Paddlefish” by Madison Hissom is our winner.

“Five Twenty Nine” by Austin Mullen is our runner-up.

“Destroyer of Worlds” by Mark D. Jacobsen is our honorable mention. 

Congratulations to the winners! The winning stories will be published right here on Inkstick in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out. Thank you again to all who entered.

Inkstick Editorial Team

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