Reissue: The Slog

That time we talked to Biden's new National Security Advisor.

Over the past few weeks, the president-elect, Joe Biden, has been rolling out announcements about his new cabinet. And in one of those announcements, he revealed that the subject of one of our favorite interviews over the years, Jake Sullivan, would be named national security advisor.

The announcement made sense to us, since tensions between the US and Iran seem to have reached a new boiling point in the wake of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Jake, you might remember, led the backchannel negotiations that ultimately brought us the deal.

And, in this episode, which originally aired in 2019, Jake takes us back to the moment when those negotiations began.

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GUESTS: Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor-designate; Wendy Sherman, former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; Ernest Moniz, former Secretary of Energy


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