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Creative Capsule

What is the Creative Capsule Residency?

Presented by Inkstick Media and Bombshelltoe Policy x Arts Collective, the Creative Capsule Residency is an eight-month long program for early/mid-career artists, activists, policy scholars, educators, and students to pursue a research project on foreign policy through creative visual or written media, such as journalism, creative writing, audio reporting, or performance art.

Young people today consume and process news through various media formats and cultural commentary, and are less likely to support traditional policy approaches or perceptions of the world order. New ways to meaningfully engage their interest are needed. We believe it is important that a new generation of policy thinkers not only look more like those they represent, but come equipped with a broader range of knowledge and skills than generations before.

The Creative Capsule Residency encourages participants to cultivate and share their work beyond traditional frameworks so that they can experiment with new modes of storytelling, take provocative risks, and create unique projects that interweave policy, research, and creativity.

During this residency, selected participants carry a project proposal from concept to actualization.

Participating projects:

  • present foreign policy histories and analyses that also champion creative expression (going beyond the traditional analytical formats found in the peace and security fields);
  • integrate a community-centered approach in research practices;
  • include entrepreneurial thinking.

These and other themes are supported through workshops during the residency. Residents benefit from peer-to-peer craft and critique workshops, monthly cohort sessions, and the guidance of a multidisciplinary panel of advisors as they work toward developing and publishing work that will be disseminated online via Inkstick Media and its channels and/or presented in physical form or events.

This residency is supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

Meet Our Inaugural Class

Meet our First Year Residents (2022-2023): Dr. Chantell Murphy, Whitney Montgomery, and Terrell Jermaine Starr.