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If you’ve made it here, we’re betting your inbox is tired of racking up newsletters that feature the same old voices and the same old security news. Critical State is your weekly fix of foreign policy without all the stuff you don’t need — top news and accessible analysis for those who want an inside take without all the insider bs.

You’ll get reporting, perspectives, context, history and voices you need to understand a world that too often feels defined by crisis. Features like “Midnight Oil” give an insider’s perspective on critical issues; and “Deep Dive” takes you beyond the headlines to examine a story in the kind of detail that is increasingly rare in a sound-bite world.

Oh, and if you only have 30 seconds? We’ll give you the one thing you should read right up front.

Critical State is tracking down the international issues that may just keep you up at night and finding the global villains and heroes that are the stuff of B-movies. All delivered to your inbox every Wednesday for the price of an email.

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