Our Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2022

Not to be outdone by our top ten stories of 2022, this year our audio is getting in on the game. These are our top five most popular podcast episodes of the year.

5: Border-aucracy

Congress hasn’t passed a significant immigration bill in decades, but the demands on the immigration system today are very different than they were in the ’90s. So, what’s a president to do?

4: You Get a Sanction, and You, and You

The US likes sanctions and so does Congress. What does all of this mean for some of our oldest sanctions? And some of our newest?

3: Food, War, and the Conspiracy Supply Chain

Food touches every aspect of our society — from security to culture, labor, economy, climate, and more. It’s also a potent lightning rod for online conspiracies and disinformation.

2: Why Buy the Cow?

Since the beginning of the American experiment, presidents have tussled with Congress over how to handle foreign threats. That creative conflict is supposed to be the democratic ideal. But there were also moments when lawmakers realized it was easier to just… not do the job.

1: Yellowknife

For decades, leaders of Arctic countries like Russia, Norway, and the US could set aside their differences and find common ground on environmental issues in the region. The Arctic was treated less like a zone of competition, and more like a tool to build diplomatic rapport. But Russia’s war in Ukraine has totally upended that dynamic — and shattered the trust of the West.