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Introducing Things That Go Boom

Coming Jan. 22 from PRI and Inkstick Media

Words: Laicie Heeley
Pictures: Marc Johns

The trailer for our new podcast, Things That Go Boom, is now live!

Things That Go Boom is a new podcast from Public Radio International (PRI) and Inkstick Media that explores national security and foreign policy in a way that doesn’t make you want to gouge out your eyes. You don’t have to be an expert to tune in. Just grab a cup of whatever you like and pull up a seat. Things That Go Boom digs into the big stories – and the stories you’ve never heard – through a combination of narrative storytelling; short, accessible explainers; and frank conversations with experts in the field.

The podcast will launch January 22, 2018. It is produced by Tracy Wahl, former Executive Producer of NPR’s Morning Edition, and hosted by me, Inkstick’s Editor, Laicie Heeley. Among other issues, it will explore how much security is too much security, how we treat veterans with post-traumatic stress, and what deterrence has to do with being an eleven-year-old boy.

Check out our trailer on Stitcher, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe today!

Laicie Heeley

Editor in Chief

Laicie Heeley is the founding CEO of Inkstick Media, where she serves as Editor in Chief of the foreign policy magazine Inkstick and Executive Producer and Host of the PRX- and Inkstick-produced podcast, Things That Go Boom. Heeley’s reporting has appeared on public radio stations across America and the BBC, where she’s explored global security issues including domestic terrorism, disinformation, nuclear weapons, and climate change. Prior to launching Inkstick, Heeley was a Fellow with the Stimson Center’s Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense program and Policy Director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. Her publications include work on sanctions, diplomacy, and nuclear arms control and nonproliferation, along with the first full accounting of US counterterrorism spending after 9/11.


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