An Evening With Tom Hashemi

The founder of Cast from Clay talks about the death of think tanks, Brexit, and bonfiring his brand.

I met Tom Hashemi because of a brand: this one.

My opening line was definitely something like, “You know this site about moms? Do you think you could build me one for foreign policy?”

Despite all that, he did, and we became fast friends, aided by the fact that he is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

In addition to design, Tom’s team is leading the field in research on think tank communications — breaking the bad news, again and again, that folks had better shape up or ship out. And, sharing the good news that shaping up means learning to tell a better story. To, “bring the human back into policy communications.”

So it’s no surprise that earlier this month, Tom and his team took a page out of their own book. They scrapped their original name in an effort to better tell their own story.

I asked Tom about the new brand and lessons learned from his three years at the helm of one of the most cutting edge communications firms in foreign policy.

The highlights of our talk are included with the photos below: