Things That Go Boom: Season 7

'Food Fight' is coming October 31.

Think back to when you were a kid, and school was out. What did you eat when you got home?

Maybe it was a beef patty from your favorite bodega or chocolate chip cookies baked by your mom. For better or worse, food is one of the first things in our lives that makes us feel… safe.

But lately, between supply chain issues, empty shelves, wild conspiracy theories, and a potential nuclear attack on the breadbasket of the world… things haven’t felt so safe.

So this season, Things That Go Boom is going deep on food and conflict.

State dinners, MREs.

Supply chains, turf wars.

Food as diplomacy, hunger as a weapon.

Things That Go Boom Season 7 is coming up on October 31 — so get ready for a food fight.

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