A Very Hokey 100 Days

Just one more 100 day episode, filling up your feed.

April 29 marked President Biden’s 100th day in office. So we thought it was about time to pop back in with a special bonus episode — before we’re back officially with season 5 — to take a look at what Biden’s done so far in terms of foreign policy, and what that might signal about his priorities going forward. On this episode Things That Go Boom: A very candid conversation with Nahal Toosi. What has Biden already accomplished, what can we learn about his goals, and what are analysts watching for on the horizon?

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GUESTS: Nahal Toosi, Politico


We’re All ‘Omnipolicy’ Experts Now, Nahal Toosi.

Biden’s ‘Foreign Policy for the Middle Class’ Is a Revolution, James Traub.

7 Ways to Track if Biden’s Omnipolicy Works, Nahal Toosi.